Youth Employment

Job Opportunities

Teenagers entering young adulthood are an essential part of running Bird Street’s programs. We offer after school part-time employment and summer employment opportunities to youths as young 14-19 who show potential and take their jobs seriously.

 Bird Street’s process familiarizes youths with the hiring process within an environment designed to help them grow.  Job fairs are held in February, and interviews are held in May.  Jobs begin in July. Interested youths must fill out an application and submit resumes before being interviewed.

We take pride in educating our youth employees.  Before beginning any Bird Street Workforce Development program, youths complete at least five hours of job readiness training and a post-training evaluation. Using the MyCareerPathways software, youths learn to combine their skills and passions to find a good career match.  Youth employees must also agree to participate in academic support activities including MCAS/SAT prep, group tutoring, and four hours of individual tutoring per week.


Youth must be at least 16 years of age in order to participate in the Summer Day Getaway Program as (CIT's) Counselors In Training. Previous work experience is required for junior staff. Youth will be at Hale Reservation engaging with the kids while embarking on an exciting summer full of outdoor activities.


Youth will be able to support Bird Street's everyday operational activities by performing clerical tasks such as answering phones, filing paperwork and directing parents and visitors at the center to desired locations.

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Youth who work as evening program assistants will help to support our evening program activities and assist with planning and coordination of our end of the Summer Gala Event.

Career Learning

Bird Street offers a variety of educational programs which allow youths to develop the skills they will need in a professional environment.  Experience a summer of college education and professional development in our Connections to College program or get involved with in our Arts & Entrepreneurship programs participating in fashion design, dance, or boys glass arts in the fall.


Experience a summer full of education and professional development as part of the Connections to College program.


Connecting creative skills and business development in a variety of arts entrepreneurship classes