About Us



Bird Street Community Center is the hub for children and youths who seek intellectual, physical, emotional, and personal growth and well being.  Courts, social service agencies, schools and families trust Bird Street to help the community's low income/high risk children achieve important life goals and grow into young adults, change-makers, and leaders. Bird Street is a major provider of intentional programming for out-of-school and after school activities where generations of children have found a safe and caring place for growing and developing character and skills.


The mission of Bird Street is to instill in our youth and young adults the intellectual, social, and leadership competencies to effectively deal with daily challenges, strive for academic success, and pursue employment opportunities.

Bird Street Community Center meets the day-to-day needs for building strong minds, healthy bodies, and outlets for creative expression and social interaction for families and children. Bird Street enables individuals across generations to engage in educational activities and life-long learning. Bird Street is a "second home" for our members, providing a space for local events, community gatherings, and celebrations. Bird Street remains vibrant, flexible, and responsive to the changing needs happening in the community. Our children and families residing in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan and Hyde Park neighborhoods have been supported for many years.



In the early 1900s we opened our doors as the Bird Street Gym, owned and operated by the City of Boston.  Budgetary constraints forced the City to close the gym in the 1970s.  The residents of Upham's Corner, recognizing a serious community need and organized to reopen the facility in 1978 as a non-profit youth center through a then-unique private-public partnership with the City of Boston.